Aladdin Cast 2018

        Jordan Lesley                   Lesley James

  Peasant & Native 2           Slave of the Ring

  Mavis Hollingworth           Rachel Leggett

     Cherry Blossom                      Aladdin

       Michael Rustici                   Diane East

       Widow Twanky            Emperor High Pong

    Jennifer Davidson              Angela Inward

   Genie of the Lamp           Peasant & Native 3

     Joanna Cracknell             Brayden Smith

  The Camel & Guard    Boy in Washing Machine

               Ron Kite                          Liam Ellis

          The Salesman            Peasant & Native 1

    Cameron J Ritchie             Chelsea Robson

           Abernazer                   Princess Jasmine

 Catharine Hutchings            Hannah Smith

  The Camel & Guard             Stage Manager

     Debbie Fennella                 Helen Tucker

      Wishy Washy             Chief of Police Po Face


Auditions all over and done with, we have a cast and will start rehearsals on Wednesday 27th September at Burwood Nursing Home Dunyeats Road Broadstone.

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About Mike Rustici

I have been a member of Broadstone Productions for some 11 years now, most of that time has been spent not only as a member of the cast, but also as the company treasurer. I hope that I can do the position of chairman justice, you can be assured that I will be giving it my best shot.