Dick Whittington 2017

A.G.M. Wednesday 5th April 7-30pm The White Room Broadstone Community Centre.

All committee positions will stand down as per constitution, and you will need to attend the A.G.M. to be  eligible to stand for committee for the coming year.



Naomi Gibson       Sam Hill       Kym Cox                         Dick  Alderman   Alice   Dame


               After the walk down                                  Mayor of Poole Presents cheque too charity


      King Rat with Dick and three rats                        After show meal at Day’s Tower Park

     Broadstone Christmas Parade 2016     


There is a mistake in the following letter. It thanks and refers to the Mayor of Poole as a he, when in fact the Mayor of Poole is Councillor Zena Dion and is very much a lady, our humble apologies to Councillor Zena Dion for this error.

    Letter of thanks from our Charity