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IT’S SHOWTIME! So come along and join the fun… But please remember to boo, cheer, laugh and groan (the jokes get better (worse) each year!). We look forward to seeing you all for our little Fairy Tale.

Will Cinders go to the ball?

What’s this I hear about a mouse problem?

Is the Prince ever going to find out who the slipper fits?

Big love from us all! Xx

Last rehearsal

Last rehearsal yesterday and everyone involved did a fantastic job! Now for a well deserved 4 day break before we do this for reals. All we need now is an audience so don’t forget to get your tickets and support us in raising money for the Poole Scanner department. Hope to see you there.

Message from the Director

Message from the Director:

Absolutely blown away by the dedication and perseverance of this years cast and I just know you are going to be as well. Those Ugly Sisters are doing their best to ruin the day, but hopefully a certain Charming Prince will whisk our Cinders away from it all boys and girls. We need a little bit of magic and fortunately for Cinders she has a Fairy Godmother who will help her out…. so long as she can get her spells right!

Tickets on sale

Set is up, scripts are down and runs of the show including songs and dances are going rather well… looking forward to introducing props and trying on costumes at rehearsals next week 🙂

Tickets are now on sale at Hillier and Wilson so grab yours early to get good to seats.

Speak soon, good luck putting up your Christmas trees and all the pantomime best